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In this day and age, more and more men don’t know how to even use a hammer.

It seems that ‘DIY’ is something that has been forgotten by our generation brought on by a lack of interest. Moreover, toolboxes on the market are not very attractive and always adapted to our needs. In fact, in the eyes of the consumer every toolbox looks the same and the content doesn’t always fit the needs. Some tools are even peculiar and we don’t even know what they are used for.

The webpage helps the customer to create their own personal toolbox. They can look for specific tools they need by using the search bar. The tools each come with instructions and detailed description regarding the purpose of each tool.

Hjort is different. Hjort is a brand that wants to reconcile men and women to ‘DIY’.

They sell retro and solid wooden toolboxes that you can customize yourself. The website that contains familiar features from clothing industry, helps the customer to customize their own box; choosing the size, tools and the box itself.

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